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We are closed for the 2020 season. If you have a tagged tree to pick up, please call or email for arrangements.
Hager-74.jpg Hager-13.jpg The front of our barn barn_smashed.jpg barn_bottom.jpg wagon_proportional.jpg Hager-14.jpg Christmas trees in rows covered in snow Hager-92.jpg Hager-40.jpg Hager-73.jpg barn_trees.jpg barn_top.jpg A colorful sunset behind our barn Hager-87.jpg Hager-9.jpg Hager-91.jpg Hager-84.jpg Hager-131.jpg Hager-90.jpg barn_wide.jpg
Thanks to our customers for your business and support. We have closed for the 2020 season.                                                                                                 If you have a tagged tree, please email or call us to make arrangements for pickup.                                           

Merry Christmas and hoping 2021 brings you great happiness and joy!!

Happy Holidays!


One of the Top 10 Tree Farms in Illinois - BestThingsIL.com

We are proud supporters of the SBLH Foundation's Holiday Festival. See the article.