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Open by Appointment Only
Hager-84.jpg barn_trees.jpg Hager-9.jpg Hager-90.jpg Santa Claus driving a tractor with a passenger wagon Hager-92.jpg Hager-14.jpg Christmas trees in rows covered in snow barn_smashed.jpg A wooden entrance gate decorated patriotically Hager-13.jpg Hager-131.jpg Hager-40.jpg A colorful sunset behind our barn Hager-73.jpg wagon_proportional.jpg Hager-74.jpg Hager-87.jpg
Effective December 10, we are open by appointment only for those who have trees tagged and have placed special orders. Please call us ar 217-349-8689 to make arrangements for pick up. Thank you. 

Happy Holidays!


One of the Top 10 Tree Farms in Illinois - BestThingsIL.com

We are proud supporters of the SBLH Foundation's Holiday Festival. See the article.